Turkish Baths

Cemberlitas Bathcemberlitas

The Cemberlitas Hammam is located next to the Cemberlitas Column, near the Grand Bazaar. It was built by architect Sinan with the wish of Nurbanu Sultan, mother of Sultan Murat III and wife of Selim II, in 1584 to provide a source of revenue for the Valide-i Atik Mosque in Uskudar.

The baths have 38 washing basins (kurna) in the hot areas (sicaklik). In the middle of this hot area, a large and heated marble platform (gobektasi) is located and private bathing cubicles (halvet) are around the room.

It's open everyday between 06.00-24.00.
Tel: (212) 522 79 74 / (212) 522 79 74


Cagaloglu Bath

It's located in Cagaloglu neighborhood near the Underground Cistern. The hammam was built by an unknown architect in 1741 by the order of Sultan Mahmut I to provide revenue for the library of Sultan Mahmut and the Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) Mosque at that time.
The hammam has separate sections for both men and women. It combines different Ottoman architectural styles and was the last of the great hammams to be built in the city before their construction was forbidden by Sultan Mustafa III in 1768, because of the increasing needs for water and wood in Istanbul.

It's open everyday between 08:00-22:00 for the men and between 08:00-20:00 for the women.
Tel: (212) 522 24 24 / (212) 522 24 24

Galatasaray Bath

It's located in Galatasaray neighborhood of Beyoglu district, in one of the side streets. The hammam was built in 1715 as a public bath in a classical Turkish Bath architectural design. It was renovated in 1965 loosing some of its historical elements. A small women's section was added during this extensive renovation.

It's open everyday between 07:00-22:00 for the men and between 08:00-21:00 for the women.

Tel: (212) 252 42 42 / (212) 252 42 42

Suleymaniye Bath

It was built in 1557 by great architect Sinan as a part of Suleymaniye Mosque Complex. It's located at Suleymaniye district and used for tourism purposes mostly. The bath has a cold section (sogukluk) which is also used for dressing, lukewarm section to adapt your body temperature before passing to the hot area, and the hot section (sicaklik).

Open everyday for men between 06:00-24:00, or for mixed tourist groups.
Tel: (212) 520 34 10 / (212) 520 34 10

Sofular Bath

It's located in Fatih district. The hammam was built in the beginning of 16th century. Dressing rooms are lined on two floors and there is a small decorative water jet pool in the middle.

Open everyday between 06:00-23:00 for the men, and between 08:30-20:00 for the women.
Tel: (212) 521 37 59 / (212) 521 37 59

Buyuk (Grand) Bath

The hammam was built in 1533 by architect Sinan next to a mosque at Kasimpasa district. It has separate sections for both men and women.

Tel: (212) 253 42 29 / (212) 253 42 29

Aga Bath

The hammam was built in 1610 by Ismail Aga who was the head (Aga) of food storage keeper of sultan Ahmet I. It has separate sections for both men and women. The hammam is in the Uskudar district, on the Asian side of Istanbul.
Tel: (216) 333 38 27 / (216) 333 38 27

Eski (Old) Bath

The hammam is located in Uskudar district. Its architect and building year are unknown but historic and architectural evidences show that it should date back to 15th century. It's also known as Sifa (cure) Baths. The hammam has separate sections for men and women which are still in use today.
It's open everyday between 06:00-21:00 for the men, and between 09:00-17:00 for the women.
Tel: (216) 333 27 87 / (216) 333 27 87



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